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Mon 30 October 2017

best vacuum cleaner 11 Best Vacuum Cleaner   Updated Review If you are short on time and want a clear choice for the Best Vacuum Cleaner, I have gone ahead and summarized by research with these top 3 recommendations. These results are based on both my personal experience with the product as well as a review of product features and purchaser reviews when others are looking for the Best Vacuum Cleaner  . I have provided links to Amazon, a popular, reliable and highly customer-focused site. I have had very positive experiences with Amazon!! They offer free, quick shipping straight to your home and often have lower prices than in store.  Also, all of these models have warranties meaning that if anything happens to the vacuum, you can still get it fixed no problem.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Winner: Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum cleaner 21 Best Vacuum Cleaner   Updated Review This is my personal favourite vacuum and my top recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner. Although it is more expensive, its durability and 5 year warranty ensures that it will work well for a long time! This is definitely an investment. Dyson brand is an upcoming hot product line that is known for its sleek and functional design. When my last vacuum stopped working, I decided to finally choose a high-quality vacuum that I would never have to worry about or watch deteriorate and picked this one as clearly it is the best vacuum cleaner in the universe. I have 3 small dogs that all shed a ton of hair and this vacuum has been the best ever at picking up pet hair! This vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry up my stairs. The wand allows me to easily reach into corners and vacuum furniture. You can also purchase a number of attachments that make other vacuuming jobs straight from Amazon in a package deal.

Consumer reviews are extremely good for this model. Amazon  rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars, and this is an average rating from actual owners of the vacuums! Users also share the same view about the function for pet cleaning, that this is the best vacuum cleaner for people with pets.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Summary of the Features for the Winner: (Source: amazon)

  • ·Upright vacuum cleaner that has Dyson’s Ball technology giving it smooth steering and easy manoeuvring ability
  • ·Good for Pets: Its motorized brushbar picks up pet hair and dander.
  • ·Telescope Reach wand allows you to reach ceilings and clean furniture
  • ·Root Cyclone technology ensures no loss of suction
  • ·HEPA filter; certified asthma friendly; hygienic dust bin; on-board tools
  • ·Measures 12-1/5 by 15-2/5 by 42-2/5 inches; 5-year warranty

The downfall to this vacuum is that it does come at a higher price tag. As I said before though, you will not find a better vacuum that is more durable and easy to use making it clearly the best vacuum cleaner! Also some users complain that the bin is smaller than other upright models, but the bagless feature is easy to empty and saves you money in the long run.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Runner Up: Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister, Bagged, UH30010COM

best vacuum cleaner 31 Best Vacuum Cleaner   Updated Review For those of you who do not need such a high end product but still want great functionality, power and versatility, the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum is my second recommendation for the best vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is actually 2 vacuums in 1!!! The first is an upright model used for large surfaces, the other is a shoulder-strapped canister vacuum with an extendable arm for hard to reach places. The reason why this vacuum is so awesome is that for the price, it actually comes with a lot of functions! It is very light weight and even has height adjustment for tall people like me! It also has a super-long cable for large rooms.

This vacuum also has great reviews, and considering the price, this is a very affordable option for light to moderate vacuum users. Amazon ‘s 707 customer reviews show an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5, a match to Dyson’s reviews for the best vacuum cleaner! Competing models seem to sell for much more (upwards of $300) so so this is why I definitely recommend the Hoover Platinum as  the runner up choice!

Best Vacuum Cleaner Summary of the Features for Runner up: (source: amazon )

  • ·Direct air-flow technology and wind-tunnel technology for fast, efficient results
  • ·Illuminated fingertip controls, 2 speeds, self-sealing HEPA bag, check-bag indicator
  • ·Includes canister vacuum, bare-floor brush, dusting brush, crevice tool, and telescoping wand
  • ·Measures approximately 15-1/2-by-13 by 45 inches, upright weighs only 12 pounds.
  • ·5-year limited warranty

The downfall to this product is that is does use bags which cost money making it the runner up for the best vacuum cleaner. However, the check bag indicator lights up when the bag is full taking away the guess work and preventing wastes of bags and the bags are self-sealing so that they don’t puff out dust.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Second Runner Up: Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L

My final recommendation is also for light-to-moderate vacuum users and comes at an even better price tag and making it the 2nd runner up for the best vacuum cleaner. The Shark Navigator has great power, claiming to remove 99% of dirt and debris from surfaces! This vacuum has been selling like crazy on sites like Amazon  where 760 buyers have given it again, an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars! Now that’s hard to fake results like that…

Buyers of this product claim that its lightweight, easy manoeuvrability and high suction power make it an easy to use product for vacuum users of all sorts. It is versatile, working on all surfaces in the home without having to do a height adjustment, and since it is lightweight, it is easy to take up and down stairs which is a neat feature for the 2nd runner up for the best vacuum cleaner. Also, users of the Shark Navigator talk about how surprisingly quiet it is, and claim they can vacuum at night even. Since this vacuum is bagless, you save tons of money because you don’t have to buy bags all the time! Also, the reason the suction power is so good for this vacuum is because it has something called Infinite Technology which keeps debris off the filter so that it the vacuum can keep sucking up air.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Summary of the Features for 2nd Runner up: (Source: amazon )

  • Upright bagless vacuum cleaner with lightweight design and smooth-gliding wheels, only weighs 15 pounds
  • Infinity Technology keeps dirt off the filter for consistent suction power
  • Ergonomic grip; power nozzle with on/off brushroll for carpets and bare-floor surfaces
  • Works well as a vaccum for laminate flooring and hard surfaces.
  • Includes super-stretch hose, dusting brush, 2 crevice tools, turbo power brush, and lifetime filters
  • Measures approximately 12-3/5 by 10-1/5 by 35-2/5 inches; 5-year limited warranty

There were only minor complaints with this vacuum including the process of winding up the cord and emptying the dirt bin for the 2nd runner up to the best vacuum cleaner. For bagless vacuums, what I always do is take the bin outside to empty straight into a bag to prevent a dust cloud attack. Also, buyers seemed to definitely recommend purchasing some of the accessories such as the upholstery brush, especially if you have pets with long hair because it helps suck the hair out of crevices in furniture and on curtains.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Conclusion

I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about vacuum cleaners at The Best Vacuum Cleaner Blog! Hopefully you now have enough information to make an informed decision when you are buying a vacuum. As I keep learning more about different brands and models of vacuum cleaners, I will update the Best Vacuum Cleaner blog.


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