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Mon 02 January 2017

Learn How They Protect Your Identity

Take a look through IdentityTruth's website and it will tell you that 200 million personal data records were lost or exposed in the US over the last two years. That's a startling revelation that is aimed to shock readers and it does exactly that.

It also says that identity theft strikes 1 in 4 households and that identity theft crime costs an estimated 6.4 billion each year. This fraud is an epidemic and destroys relationships and even lives in the process. is one such unique Identity theft protection company, which will not only protect you from identity theft, but will also give you the earliest possible notification if any misuse of your personal information is detected.

How does IdentityTruth protect your identity?

The protection of your identity is under the hands of professionals, who hold the job to unveil threats beforehand with application of their developed technology. IdentityTruth provides with all facts that is required to stay safe. You will receive breach alerts, which will warn you of any sensitive data that can intrude risks, along with suggestion of what step you should take next. Secondly, you can easily keep track of any misuse, by assessing your identity profile for any clue of crime. Furthermore, there are upfront notifications of any probable crime. IdentityTruth's technology makes you alert before you become an identity theft victim.

IdentityTruth tries to go beyond just credit report monitoring, taking into account public records and information sourced from the worldwide web. uses a powerful and sophisticated web crawler technology to search the web for information that might compromise a client's identity. They search through billions of data points from many different sources to provide their clients the earliest possible detection and notification when a theft occurs.

What steps do they take for preventing the exercise of hackers?

When you have adopted the services of IdentityTruth, it becomes entirely their business to assure that no hackers get the opportunity of exercising their actions, by abusing any piece of your personal information, be it your credit card number or social security number. For providing you peace, the team stays 24/7 glued up to detect any smallest suspicion. Moreover, dubious websites are also monitored to verify if thieves have taken your personal info. Most exclusively, the site offers Identity health score, which evaluates your potential of how much safer you are from identity theft.

The company promises to report suspicious past events, establish fraud alerts, attempt to predict possible future attacks allowing clients to amend high risk behavior, deliver ongoing reports about changes to a client's credit history and reports on any ancillary data that may have impact.How is credit and monetary information kept intact?

With the services of IdentityTruth, your financial information is evaluated to detect any sort of applications that are made misusing your name. Your credit report is monitored on a daily basis, where you are updated about any complicated changes to your report and credit history as well. You can also avail to fraud alerts regarding your credit account, which will prevent further theft. Nevertheless, you are also eligible to obtain credit reports free at cost, which on the other hand assists to highlight any problems.

Prevention of identity theft requires technical assistance with fast-paced responsiveness. The potential victim needs to be far more fastidious than the identity theft. IdentityTruth is undoubtedly faster than any fraud, and notifies you with expert suggestions. It's impossible to protect yourself completely from identity on your own, as you are kept busy with other business issues all the time. Thus, it's a smarter decision to gain security and maintain mental peace, with your credit as well as finances protected by IdentityTruth. Identity truth is an interesting approach to preventing identity theft and fraud with high quality credit monitoring services is one that many people will flock to. It's a scary world we live in and it will continue to advance into an even-scarier direction in the future.

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